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The Netherlands trip 2017

Day 1 Monday 17.4.
I woke up very tired but happy at seven o’clock. I packed the rest of my stuff and did my morning routines and when i was ready my parents took me to the railwaystation. I met the other exchange students there and we went to the train, which left at ten to Helsinki. To get to the airport we had to change the train once in Tikkurila. We were at the airport about at twelve and our flight left at two o’clock. I enjoyed being in an airplane again and the flight went well. When we landed to the Amsterdam and got out of the plane and got our bags, my host was there to welcome us. We left by train to Harderwijk, where our hosts lived. When we came there my host’s family was there and they took me to eat to some local restourant. I didn’t understood the menu so i just took something that they told me they liked. It tasted a bit weird but it was quite okay. After the dinner we went to their house and they showed me the house and then i went to sleep.

Day 2 Tuesday 18.4
In the morning we had some family breakfast together before we left to school at eight. We drove by bike to the train station where we went by train to school. First we had some welcome speech from their teacher and then we were supposed to go to the classes but we didn’t had any so we just hang out until our gymclass started. There we got to play either football or volleyball, i chose football. And at the end we played yet some dodgeball. After the class we ate something and then we left to the citytour around the Harderwijk. We just walked around about an hour and they told us some things about the city. Then we left home and we went to some forest near my host’s home and shopping also. Then we went home to chill before we left to her swimming practice. When we come home we ate some pasta with the family and then i got to go to the bath before i went to sleep.

Day 3 Wednesday 19.4
On Wednesday morning we went to the trainstation where we met the other students and went to haarlem by train. When we got there we had some time to do whatever we wanted so we went to shopping ofc. We found some nice shops and clothes from there and then we went to buy me some food from Mcdonalds. My bank card didn’t work there and i had used all of my cash and so i were a bit stressed out bc i didn’t knew if i would have needed any money yet that day.After i got my food we went and met the others and then we went to some old windmill, where some man told us about those’s history. When that was finished we went back to the train and went to a beach in Zandvoort. We got to eat some food there and just walked around. When we left back home we had to change the train once in Amsterdam. We heard one of the girls saying we had half an hour time til the next train would leave so we went outside the train station took some pictures and got some starbucks. After that i got a call from my host asking where i was and she told me the train had already left, we had misunderstood the time and had just missed the train back home. Luckily she and her teacher had got out of the train just in time to find us. Then we waited a while til the next train left and went home.

Day 4 Thursday 20.4
Next morning we had to drive fifteen kilometres by bike to school, and i was about to die, as i haven’t even drove a bike in few years. At the school we had an English class and some freetime and lunch before we had to drive by bike again another fifteen kilometres to some very small city called Staverden, where was seriously only two houses. There was some cows there and propably even more albino peacocks then people in the entire city. We got something to eat there before we had to drive back to school another fifteen kilometres. Gladly i got to go back home from the school by train instead of by bike. At home i just chilled a little and then we went back to the city to a grillparty, but we stopped on our way to party to take some photos of tose tulip fields. At the party we just ate and listened to music and hang out and had fun. When we got home after the party i had to start packing as i would leave in the morning.

Day 5 Friday 21.4
In the morning i had to say goodbye to my hostfamily because we left to Amsterdam by train at ten. At first when we got to Amsterdam we took our bags to our hotel. After that we walked around the city and went to the park to have a picnic. We ate something and then we went to the national museum. After the museum we got to do what ever we wanted. Surprisingly we went shopping, again. In the evening we went all together to eat some pizza. We were suppoused to go to a canal cruise after the eating but it started to rain pretty badly so we just decided to go back to our hotel and went to sleep.

Day 6 Saturday 22.4

In the morning we first went to breakfast and left to the city to buy some souvenirs yet before leaving back to Finland. We came back just in time and got packed rest of our stuff just before we had to leave back to the metro to go to the airport. We bought some sandwiches and juices at the airport while waiting to go the plain and left back home. When back in Finland we had to wait about an hour untill our train back home came.  We got to the Tampere about nine o’clock and then my brother came to take me home. It was kind of good to be back in Finland and at home but i could have stayed in The Netherlands maybe a bit longer, there was so beautiful and people were really nice and was warm and not at all snow unlike in Finland when we came back. I really liked the Netherlands and i think i might go back there to visit my host’s and go to Amsterdam again some day.

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